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i love this cover- nailed it.

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A playlist for your week. Some friends. Me. Myself and I, & them.

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My little live album came out this morning. When life is full of nightmares. At the very least I still have my one true companion, music.

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NEW Live Record comes out today-

Unless you live under a rock ( like me ) you’d know Ive been pushing my little live record GOLDEN GATES : LIVE IN SAN FRANCISCO 

well it came out this morning. please feel free to check it out.


fantastic fall listening.



I love this song. Last verse in French-

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Listen/purchase: Golden Gates:Live In San Francisco by Michael Van London

Pre Order my new live album and get a free track from it today- and the rest on the day of release=) xo

Chriso Loves Music: I think I'm going to do a series of posts about Juliana Hatfield this week. →



I’ve been listening to a variety of her stuff lately and really regained an appreciation of her over the last few years. The first live show I ever saw in NYC was during my freshman year at Sarah Lawence College. My friend Anna and I went to see her at CBGB’s when she was touring behind the…

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